HERISPHERA- a Unisphere Studio project

European cultural project in partnership with UNESCO,  ICR- Romanian Cultural Institute and HERISCAPE company from  Italy

 HERISPHERA  was my main project dedicated to heritage Architecture conservation and restoration.  It was a vital support for the city of Oradea, Romania further conservation and restoration plan. 

I was involved in all its details from concept to development and publishing. As a project officer, I produced all the published materials, imagery, coauthored books, web administration, editing manuals and print.  

A series of DVDs were produced illustrating a comprehensive facades study from Oradea. 

A second stage, technically based on my UNISPHERE metaverse project, was focused on photogrammetry. From 2010 - to 2012 I conducted a full inventory of Art Nouveau buildings, surveys, detailed descriptions, and 3D reconstructions. 

 The materials I publish on this page consist of a series of conferences, courses and publications part of the HERISPHERA project.

A selection of video resources is available bellow, also a description page of the project.

 Various learning materials both video and printed.

As an established working group - HERISPHERA's activities were subject of approval to be defined in terms of legal framework.

The major goal was to ensure the protection of historical monuments, their protection zones, and the protected built areas (urban ensembles, etc.) located in the public and private domain.

It collaborates with specialized departments of other local public administration authorities

It develops and implements special programs to prevent the degradation of historical monuments

It initiates, carries out, and manages activities related to the execution of reconstruction, conservation, restoration, and promotion works of historical monuments, art, architecture, and urban planning in their protection zones, as well as the protected areas (urban ensembles, etc.) 

It produces promotional materials for historical monuments, art, architecture, and urban planning in their protection zones

Historic Centre of Sighişoara

Founded by German craftsmen and merchants known as the Saxons of Transylvania, Sighişoara is a fine example of a small, fortified medieval town which played an important strategic and commercial role on the fringes of central Europe for several centuries.

Description is available under license CC-BY-SA IGO 3.0

Oradea Heritage showcases a remarkable assortment of historic landmarks and structures. Some have been restored, while others are currently undergoing restoration to reveal their original significance.

The abundance of newly-established tourist attractions on Oradea's architectural landscape, made possible by the collective efforts of Oradea's City Hall, builders, restorers, and owners, deserves recognition from European travelers seeking destinations of cultural significance.


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TRIESTE - ITALY , Conference

Heritage Architecture inventory - a selection of videos from the restorers formative course held in Oradea, Transylvania


In colaboration with Synton Association a series of master classes were organised with technical support from Les Compagnons du Devoir France 



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